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Kincurran Bearded Collies Kincurran Bearded Collies

Kincurran Bearded Collies

Thank you for visiting my website and your interest in a Puppy.

Our Puppies are raised in our home amongst all the normal activities of life. As a professional dog trainer I often see the effects that poor rearing and lack of socialization has on a dog's life. Making sure our puppies are exposed to many normal everyday sights and sounds, people, children and raised in a loving way is critically important. What I do as a breeder affects the entire life of that dog. As soon as they are old enough, the puppies come with me to work where they meet lots of people and dogs.

All puppies are sold with a contract. I do guarantee each of my puppies as to health and temperament, with pet puppies requiring a mandatory spay/neuter. The parents have their current Hips , Eyes and Thyroid tests.

Having been in Nursing for 25 years, I have a huge interest in health issues, natural rearing and feeding. We are learning more and more new information about rearing puppies, socializing puppies, vaccinations and health concerns of puppies. As a result, many past & current practices are being questioned. As more and more information has become available, I have changed what I do and how I raise my puppies . As your breeder, I will pass on that information allowing you to make informed decisions for your new puppy.


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